65-99CM Sex Dolls

Fansdolls sex doll shop offers mini sex dolls at an affordable price. The popular little sex doll types are 60cm sex doll(1ft 1in) and 65cm sex doll(2ft 1in). Other doll heights are also available.

Compared to the real life size sex dolls, they are much lighter and easier to hide, but you won’t feel like you’re being with real people since their measurements are quite unrealistic.

They’re too tiny to let you feel you are with a real peoplp, but they will be perfect small masturbation toys since they can let you enjoy amazing vaginal, anal and oral sex. When you decide to buy a mini love doll, you’d better know that it’ll be hard to buy suitable clothes and wigs for them. If you prefer to dress up your dolls and need a more life like real doll, then you should consider bigger realistic sex dolls.

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