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How to Choose a Sex Doll?

Have you made the decision to finally get a sex doll? Well, this is not a remarkable choice but one that’s sure to satisfy your sexual desires. So, by now, you already have a picture of how you would like your love doll to look like. Yes, this is in fact a huge factor for anyone looking to get a sex doll. You shouldn’t spend too much on a sex doll that doesn’t fit within your interests.That said, if...

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How to Dispose Sex Dolls?

Have you ever bought a sex doll but after one or two years, you get tired of it and decide to get rid of it? But how to dispose sex dolls which are hyper lifelike? How do you do so without driving too much attention to yourself? Well, below, we'll carefully answer this and more questions about sex doll disposal. Take a look! Reasons to dispose sex dollsYour family is not comfortable with it aroundLet’s say your girlfriend, wife...

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Where to Buy Sex Dolls?

We all want some love and companionship. Sadly though, not all of us can enjoy this privilege. Research even shows that a majority of people are unable to find love in the traditional or normal way. Luckily, with the availability of sex toys, you can still satisfy your sexual urges.One of the best ones that we’ve come across is sex dolls. They allow you to enjoy the feeling of being with a beautiful and young companion. What’s more, you’re...

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Why Do You Need A Sex Doll?

I know you must have watched some videos about “men having sex with sex dolls”. They're so incredible and amazing, right? Do you want to have a try like these doll owners? Should you get a sex doll? Who buys sex dolls? Do you need some reasons to buy a sex doll for yourself?(more…)

top 10 sex dolls of 2019

Top 10 Sex Dolls of 2019

Today, realistic sex dolls are accepted by more and more people, they start to represent a new and popular lifestyle. When you walk out of your shame, you may don't know how to choose a love doll for yourself. So today Fansdolls shop will tell you the top 10 best sex dolls of 2019. There must be one doll you want to take home!(more…)

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The Ultimate Guide to Sex Doll Makeup

Although most today's sex dolls have permanent makeup and they're not easy to fade, as time goes by, the original makeup your doll has, especially where it's often rubbed, may get a little faded. In this case, what should you do to help your doll become gorgeous again?The answer is “makeup”!Here are steps to finish your sex doll make up.(more…)

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Removable Vagina and Built-in Vagina – Which to Choose for Your Doll?

When you plan to buy a sex doll for yourself, you will want to know how a sex doll vagina looks like and how it feels. Fine, this post will help you know the sex doll vagina well, and help you to make a more sensible choice.In general, there are two types of vaginal for sex doll: Insert removable Vagina and Built-in Vagina(also called integrated vagina).(more…)

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How to Do Sex Doll Repair?

"In case my lovely sex doll suffers damage, what should I do? Can my injured doll get repaired?..."Don’t worry, your injured love doll has the chance to recover and continue to play with you. If your doll just suffers minor damage, then maybe you can do some easy sex doll repairs by yourself. (more…)

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The History of Sex Dolls

When you plan for a sex doll, you may be curious about the history of sex dolls, questions like who invented sex dolls, who invented the blow up doll.Right, this post will show you the sex doll history in details.(more…)