Where and How to Hide Sex Dolls?

how to hide your sex doll

Where and How to Hide Sex Dolls?

Where to hide sex dolls? How to hide a sex doll? These questions are worthy of your consideration. There are some devices on the market that can help you store and hide sex dolls. For example, an extended sofa or a simple closet. Of course, you can also put them in the sex doll box you ordered. These methods can help you achieve different hidden effects. Specifically, you need to evaluate it according to your actual situation but what you should pay attention to is whether your hidden way will damage your sex doll.

Two ways of sex doll storage
  • Lying

Lying your sex doll has just one point. You cannot lie your doll on the “hard plane.” Always remember to put a cushion under your doll regardless of how you lay it, whether on the bed, on the floor or in the storage box. Doing this will prevent the curve on the back or buttocks to become flattened or deformed which could happen as a result of long-term compression by weight. Ensure you place your doll on a cushion, especially for TPE sex dolls; it’s impossible to rebound if the body gets deformed.

  • Hanging

This is the best method to store sex dolls. When you hang your sex doll, no side will be altered or squeezed by the doll’s weight. You can store your doll in this position if you have a closet or shelf in your home. There are different hanging methods for different models of sex dolls. You can contact us for advice when you have the hanging requirements.

Regardless of how you want to store your sex doll, either handing or lying, make sure it’s dust-proof. At all times, cover your sex dolls with an easier to clean.

Best places to hide your sex dolls

The following below are some of the places you can hide your sex dolls in the house;

1. Under the Bed

The most common area for people’s sex dolls is either in their bedside cabinet or under their bed. Storing sex dolls under the bed is usually always the first choice. People are much less likely to explore under your bed than anywhere else. For example, people can enter your closet, go through your personal things and in your bedside cabinets, but the chances of them moving things from under their bed are slim.. Here’s the best way to hide adult dolls under your bed:

  • Bed storage boxes

A bed storage box is great if you’re a little low on cash or a lockable box for the best, most secure way to store your sex dolls. If you do not have a lock or even if you do, remember, be sure to make room for other items. You can store your sex dolls underneath some items, clothes, towels, bedding, anything that can cover and hide what’s in the box. And don’t just slide a bed storage box of sex doll under the bed, instead place items or other bed storage boxes surrounding them, making your adult doll impossible to see, even to those looking under your bed.

  • The shipping box/crate

You can store your sex doll in the original shipping crate, and then put the case under your bed. (Such a box will be able to fit under any type of normal bed.) To avoid any damage, you’d better wrap your sex doll with a soft and non-fading blanket or coverlet before putting it. Of course, you can put other cases or items under your bed to confuse people’s eyes who looking under your bed.

2. In Your Closet

Put a lock on the door to your closet. You need a drill with a special drill bit and a lock/door handle that fits your cabinet. This will prevent people from opening your closet and then, in addition to that protection, you can hide your sex doll inside a closed box (as mentioned above), underclothes, boxes and almost anything. Nobody snooping will be able to go through two locks, if they can, then you need to get that person out of your life.

You can also go up, most people never look up and some people even have cabinets with the superior storage and that’s the perfect place to keep love doll, it’s out of sight, it’s hard to reach and, once you add a padlock, it’s the perfect place.

3. Other Rooms In Your House

If you have a utility room with a boiler and other technical items, you can add a door lock to this door (normally) and store your sex dolls there. The only problem is that if something goes wrong with anything in this room, you have to remember to move it before someone comes to fix anything.

Also, it is easier to keep people out of your bedroom, not so easy to keep them out of other rooms in your house. Storage rooms are also great for hiding a sex doll and other items, things can easily get lost and a lot of the boxes in most people’s storage rooms have locks, so another box with a lock is no big deal. The only problem with using a room that is not your bedroom is getting the toy out. It’s always a pain in the ass. Even if it is safer / easier, it is usually best to stay in the bedroom.

4. Locked Travel / ATA Case

ATA cases or Travel Cases are also one of the best ways to hide the sex doll. These cases have wheels, handles and most importantly – a lock!


5. Golf Hard Case

If you have a small sex doll, then a golf hardcover case will be a good way to store and hide your sex doll. This kind of case will have a perfect camouflage and you can also add a lock for further safety.

6. Storage Couch Bench

A storage couch bench is also a great place to store and hide sex dolls. This furniture is affordable and functional. Even if you don’t use it to store your real doll, it’s still a perfect product to store any items. When you decide to hide your sex doll in a storage bench, remember to place items ( like a thick coat of fluffy dress) surrounding and covering your love doll, of course, you’d better put this discreet bench in your bedroom, or other private places.
storage bench to hide sex dolls

Professional tips:

  • Be sure to clean your doll before putting it away.
  • Don’t leave your sex doll lies on a hard surface to avoid her buttocks deform.
  • Storing vertically is an available way only if your love doll has standing feet, and in that case, you must be careful lest it tips over.

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  • philip russell Reply

    My Finna sex doll.
    I received her today and am overwhelmed with how well made and lifelike she is. She looks so sexy lying on my bed and always available for my attentions.
    I am so happy I chose you to buy my doll from.
    I am seriously looking to buying her a little friend, from yourselves of course.

    May 29, 2019 at 4:19 pm
    • Carter Reply

      Thanks., I’m glad to hear that you are satisfied with our doll. Have a nice day!

      March 16, 2019 at 5:53 am
  • David Reply

    This is great. I’m thinking of getting a sex doll… Good thing I read this post first.. I might get…..

    Locked Travel / ATA Case

    November 1, 2019 at 3:33 am
  • John Reply

    If you hide her in the closet. Is it safe to stand her up, or do you need to hang her up.

    March 1, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    • Rachel Reply

      Dolls with STB added can hide and stand up in the closet. Otherwise, a hook is recommended to hang the doll up.

      March 7, 2020 at 4:06 am
  • phil Reply

    With a lock storage ATA case, what size would you recommend?

    April 8, 2020 at 9:35 pm

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