How to Make a Sex Doll? (Sex Doll Production)

How Are Sex Dolls Made?

How to Make a Sex Doll? (Sex Doll Production)

If you take interest in the adult sex dolls, you might have read a little bit about them, but do you know how to make a sex doll? Are you curious about the realistic sex dolls manufacturing process?

When you search these questions on Google, you will find it hard to get valuable information. But now, as an experienced sex doll manufacturer, I will show you the amazing sex doll production process in detail.

How are sex dolls made?

The sex doll production process is generally divided into six steps:

1. Making sex doll molds

The first step in producing sex dolls is making the molds, which is the basis of making sexy sex dolls.

The design of the mold will directly determine the shape and size of the corresponding sex doll. Our love doll designers use their professional knowledge and pursuit of beauty to design beautiful and charming sex dolls with perfect proportions and matching in all parts of the body and face. Then we will use the designed model to make the corresponding mold. With the mold, we can create a fascinating product that corresponds to it.

This process requires designers to know exactly what customers want and design for them. At the same time, they should also have their own views on beauty and be able to design products that can guide the market and customers. A good sex doll designer can often design popular styles and bring huge profits to the company. This is also the value of the designer.

2. Preparing the sex doll skeleton

The sex doll skeleton is generally made of hard stainless steel that simulates human limbs and bodies to support the entire sex doll body. The joints of the skeleton simulate the joints of a real human, they can be twisted and can pose in various postures like a human. In this way, sex doll users can play a sexy game with them in any comfortable sex position.

Fansdolls sex doll manufacturer has specialized suppliers to provide the skeleton for us, moreover, we also design some new size skeletons ourselves to improve and innovate the sex dolls.

3. Matching the mold and skeleton of sex dolls

After the sex doll mold and the skeleton are ready, we need to match the mold and the skeleton so that they can fit together well and keep the proper position.

The skeleton must be matched well with the mold, they must be placed in suitable position, and there must be no deviation in this process, Otherwise, it will seriously affect the quality of the manufactured dolls, and may even cause the manufactured dolls to be scrapped and cause unnecessary losses. This process must be very careful, but also maintain sufficient patience to ensure that no errors can occur.

4. Preparing and Heating TPE materials

It’s time to prepare the TPE materials. We need to mix the raw materials in strict proportionate calculations and stir them to ensure they are evenly mixed. The quality of TPE produced by different formulations is also different, and may even vary greatly. Therefore, if you want to buy high-quality TPE sex dolls, it is best to choose a formal enterprise and brand. There is no doubt that the quality of their TPE sex dolls is more guaranteed.

After these materials have been fully prepared, further processing of these raw materials has begun. These materials are then heated, the temperature can be as high as 200 degrees. After the material is heated to the set temperature, it can be injected into the mold. The love doll will slowly form in the mold.

5. Cooling

Since the TPE material has a high temperature and it needs time to slowly shape, after we poured the material into the mold, we need to put the mold into the coolant for thorough cooling, which can take up to several hours. After the mold is completely cooled, we will take the mold out, then open it and take out the doll. A preliminary doll has been made. This newborn sex doll isn’t that attractive yet, and she needs our extra help. Now we are going to do what we can to help them become beautiful and charming.

6. Further processing

Taking the TPE sex doll out of the mold does not mean that the doll has been made. On the contrary, it is just a newborn sex doll and there are still many things to be done for her.

After the doll is taken out of the mold, it is still a little rough at the corners. And they are not as beautiful as we see on the website. We will deal with all parts of the doll, such as hands, feet, neck, side of the body and so on, eliminating rough and uneven areas and making them smooth, make sure they present the perfect skin and body shape. Then we will help them install their nails. We will also do a thorough cleaning of the TPE sex doll so that she is clean when it comes into your hands. After making sure there are no problems in all parts, we will apply talcum powder to the doll’s whole body to keep them fresh and dry so that they can be better preserved.

7. Making up dolls’ heads

In fact, the head and body of the love doll are not made in one piece since the doll head is more complex than the body which has more organs. But the manufacturing process of the head and body is basically the same, except that the mold used is different. Although the head is made separately from a special head mold, the head and body are perforated and can be screwed together.

After the head manufacturing process is completed, our special makeup artists will make up the head according to the designer’s design. There are several different makeup designs for each head type to make the doll look richer and more beautiful.

What’s more, we will equip your sex doll with a special wig, there will be various wig styles to make your doll more realistic, sexy and charming.

An attractive sex doll has been manufactured after the seven steps above. Then they will be placed in our special warehouse for storage.

In general, they will be hung up, which is more conducive to their preservation. Some will be carefully packed in boxes and shipped to customers.

The box is custom made and very strong. In order to prevent damage during transportation, there are foam pads inside the boxes to prevent the collision. Various parts of the real doll will also be covered with cushions and placed in a blanket to fit into the box. This ensures that the doll is delivered to the customer in perfect condition. We will do our best to pack the real doll you bought to make sure she is perfect when you meet her. There are also gifts in the box, usually talcum powder, wigs, clothes, etc.

After everything is ready, the doll will be carefully delivered to the customer.

Note: We have always been very strict in protecting the privacy of our customers. The privacy of the customer will be strictly confidential and the order will be marked as a product of other categories. No one but the customer knows what is inside. There is absolutely no need for you to worry about being embarrassed when you receive the goods because no one will know what is in the box.

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